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Tutorial 2 - Create a Floor and a 3D View

Posted by Christopher Huebner on Jan 12, 2019 8:24:15 PM

Click Here to Download the Tutorial 2 Revit Template to use with this tutorial👈⏩💾.

Tutorial 2 - Create a Floor and a 3D View

Last tutorial we created our Equipment Schedule and placed it on a blank sheet to see what it would look like. In this blog we will create a Floor and then a 3D View and place it on our blank sheet with our Equipment Schedule. Let’s start with a bit of housekeeping.

First let’s remove the Structural Plan and the Ceiling Plan from our template. These will not be used. The quickest way to remove them is to right click the view in the Project Browser and select Delete. You can also highlight the View and just press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Let's also rename our sheet from A101 to QF101 and change the name of the sheet from Unnamed to FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT PLAN.

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Tutorial 1 - Create an Equipment Schedule

Posted by Christopher Huebner on Jan 9, 2019 12:10:33 PM

Tutorial 0.5 - Mouse in the House

Alright here we go.  Before we begin, I want to make sure you have a much-needed piece of hardware. You must have a mouse with a mouse wheel (and a mouse wheel button that works), and if you don't know what a mouse button is, basically your mouse wheel should be able to be clicked. The mouse wheel button makes Revit work. 

1) Spin the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in a Revit view.

2) Press the mouse wheel button and drag it to pan, a.k.a., drag the view or move around the view.

3) When in a 3D view, hold SHIFT and press the mouse wheel button then drag it (pan) to rotate.

These three mouse wheel-related maneuvers will be second-nature in no time.

If you want a tip on purchasing a new mouse, get one that allows you to change the DPI with the click of a button, that changes the speed at which the mouse cursor moves and can be very helpful.


Tutorial 1 - Create an Equipment Schedule

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